Choose one MOST and one LEAST in each of the 28 groups of words.
DISC Personality Test
No term Most Least No term Most Least No term Most Least No term Most Least
1 Enthusiastic 8 Impatient 15 Predictable 22 Easy-going
Daring Modest Stubborn Forceful
Diplomatic Observant Introspective Introverted
Satisfied Poised Attractive Impulsive
2 Good-Natured 9 Tactful 16 Logical 23 Good mixer
Convincing Agreeable Bold Refined
Determined Magnetic Loyal Vigorous
Cautious Insistent Charming Lenient
3 Friendly 10 Timid 17 Soft spoken 24 Compliant
Accurate Submissive Self-reliant Demanding
Outspoken Inspiring Patient Contented
Calm Brave Sociable Captivating
4 Decisive 11 Reserved 18 Willing 25 Light-hearted
Conventional Obliging Eager Cooperative
Controlled Strong-willed Thorough Systematic
Talkative Cheerful High-spirited Argumentative
5 Adventurous 12 Independent 19 Fearful 26 Jovial
Insightful Perceptive Amiable Precise
Outgoing Kind Extraverted Direct
Moderate Stimulating Aggressive Even-Tempered
6 Original 13 Competitive 20 Confident 27 Careful
Humble Considerate Sympathetic Appealing
Persuasive Joyful Impartial Neighborly
Gentle Private Assertive Restless
7 Expressive 14 Playful 21 Persistent 28 Respectful
Conscientious Firm Animated Pioneering
Dominant Obedient Generous Optimistic
Responsive Fussy Well-Disciplined Helpful